ET Insights
qualitative research consultancy

At ET Insights we pride ourselves on our genuine consumer empathy and passion for 
research, our solid business acumen, and agility and flexibility on “both sides of the glass”.

We are skilled at building a quick rapport with research participants creating a safe and comfortable environment to learn about what is in the minds and hearts of your consumers. We probe to uncover what they think, feel, believe and do. This leads to understanding how and why they make their decisions related to the brands and products they integrate into their lives. And then we apply this understanding to the business situation to reveal how to better engage and communicate with your audience and ways to optimize your brand’s offerings to strengthen the consumer/brand relationship.

There is a wealth of creative techniques in our toolbox we use to draw out deep consumer insights and we are adept at developing new ones on the spot. We like to make our participants work a little harder for you and also have a little more fun.

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