ET Insights
qualitative research consultancy

Eva Tomasco is the president/owner of  E T Insights, LLC. Her background includes over six years of full service qualitative research consulting and she leverages an additional 10 years experience in key consumer research and brand management roles for global consumer products companies such as Philip Morris and MARS Snackfood. She has managed core flagship brands, re-launched failing brands and introduced new products to the marketplace. Her background has led to her thorough understanding of the challenges facing brands and consumers today. She was a client, so she can think like a client, uncovering actionable and strategic insights.


Eva's consumer empathy and enthusiasm for research come through in her approach. Her experience with both core brands and new product development provide a tangible foundation for her expertise in studies involving positioning, branding, packaging, product trial and all modes of consumer communications and advertising.

Eva comfortably extracts candid conversation and skillfully “digs deep” with all types of respondents across age (tweens to boomers), gender, income level (the unemployed to C-Level executives) and ethnicity.

Eva is a graduate of Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and three sons. She enjoys hiking and swimming, culinary experimentation and is a master “Thomas the Train” track builder.


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