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“I owe you some of the new CLARK(R) Bars which came off the line yesterday. Your insight on that project lead to a total strategy change based on a key product opportunity. Leading the revolution, revitalization and rejuvenation of American Icons that were unsupported for 40+ years means I have to select smart partners to help innovate and grow with. Eva was an easy selection for two projects, both times she offered great insight that lead to strategy changes. One is hitting the market in the next month, the other is still on the shelf. Both times Eva's summation of the consumer interactions lead to revisiting and revising. Amazing insight and happy to recommend her to anyone. But only if I don't need her first.” --Jackie Hague, Vice President of Marketing at New England Confectionery Company

“While I was a Planning Director at JWT New York I worked with Eva on three major assignments, across three very different categories over the course of as many years. The first assignment was for a new business pitch in the tech category. Eva came in and quickly designed, moderated and analyzed a great piece of creative development research that provided the center of gravity for our pitch presentation. The second assignment was for the US Marine Corps and Eva’s work helped us identify both a major recruitment barrier and the means to erode it – providing the driving force behind a successful redesign of the US Marine Corps' main online recruitment portal Finally, Eva designed and facilitated an invaluable piece of global B2B creative development research for HSBC Bank USA. This research helped us to identify the best possible advertising solution for the North American small business market. Enthusiastic, creative and thorough Eva was my go-to person for the type of insight that never failed to unlock opportunity.”-- Gordon McLean, Creative Planner & Founder at Ideas at the Intersection

"Eva is a top-notch research consultant and commands an expert understanding of what drives consumer purchase behaviors. She is also able to quickly assess the most important areas the client would like to explore and structure the appropriate methodology to obtain actionable results. I highly recommend Eva to any organization looking to further understand the qualitative consumer perceptions of their brand/product portfolio."  -- Jim Morris, Brand Manager Tic Tac Mints, Ferrero USA

“Eva is an extraordinary interviewer and group moderator because her gentle yet directive manner elicits extraordinary participation from respondents. She is deft at spontaneously following ‘leads’ in discussion and as deft at bringing straying respondents back to point. Eva is, in her own right, accomplished at strategy and so frames her work in this larger context.” –Drew Coburn, Owner of Cubism Branding

“I have worked with Eva on several research projects.  Eva is not only very bright and creative but is also a pleasure to work with.  She always ensures that recruitment is high-quality, that all logistics are smooth, and that at the end of a project, the report is very insightful and actionable.” Mara Riemer Manager, Marketing & Consumer Research, Altria



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